Taking Simultaneous Pictures

To take simultaneous pictures with all cameras connected to the computer, click button (or select Camera|All Cameras Take Picture). Every camera will take one picture with the exposure parameters currently set to that camera.

NOTE: If you have several Canon cameras connected to the computer, only the camera which window is currently active (or was active last, if an Olympus camera window is currently active) takes picture in this mode.

There is no way to select just a few of the connected cameras and take picture only with them. You can either take pictures with all connected cameras, or with one camera. Basically, if you close a camera window and then take pictures with all cameras, only cameras whose windows are still open will take pictures. However, if you disconnect or connect another camera, and Monitor camera connection and disconnection events in the General tab of the Options dialog is selected, Cam2Com will open a window for that camera again.

You can configure Cam2Com to save all pictures automatically with generated file names after taking pictures with all connected cameras. Or, you can type file names for all pictures if you wish.

If you save pictures automatically, you can speed up the process of taking pictures by preventing Cam2Com from displaying (and decompressing, which is a slow process) the pictures.

It is also possible to automatically rotate all taken pictures by 90 clockwise or counterclockwise.

Pictures can be saved using one of the Picture Saving methods.

All the above options can be configured in the Options dialog (Tools|Options...)

When using Remote Capture, all connected cameras take picture when the command from C2CRemote is received.