Taking a Single Picture

To take a single picture, press the Take Picture button or select Camera|Take Picture or press Ctrl + T. The picture will be taken with the current settings of the active camera, and will appear in that camera's window within Cam2Com.

For Canon cameras you also may press shutter release button on the camera and it will take picture. On Olympus cameras all controls are disabled when they are connected to the computer.

By default, the picture is shown in of its real size. If you wish to view it at or full size, select a different zoom in the View|Zoom Image menu. This zoom does not affect the actual picture file; the picture is always saved with the full resolution as it was taken by the camera.

You may take several consecutive pictures of the same object without saving them. These pictures form a series in which you can move back and forth (using the arrow keys on the keyboard or and  toolbar buttons). In this case, the pictures are superimposed on top of each other, and moving between them creates the impression that the quality of the same picture changes. This allows for easy comparison of the quality of the pictures for selecting and saving the best one (or all of them if you wish).

After taking a picture,  you may rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise by 90.

To Save picture press button.

You also may save the whole series by right-clicking within the camera window and selecting "Save All Pictures in Series..." in the popup menu.

After saving a picture, the next taken picture begins a new series, and all unsaved pictures are lost.

Cam2Com may or may not keep the pictures it takes in the camera. Use the Options dialog (Tools|Options) to select the desired behavior. If Cam2Com keeps the picture in the camera, the camera media card will eventually become full and pictures will have to be deleted from it before Cam2Com (or the camera itself) can take any more pictures.


If automatic bracketing has been selected, Cam2Com takes number of pictures, changing bracketing parameter, specified in the auto bracketing for every next picture.

All bracketing pictures are put into the current series. Use normal buttons and or arrow keys to see pictures with different settings. To save the whole series, right-click within the camera window and select "Save All Pictures in Series..." in the popup menu.

Remote Operation

Use C2CRemote to trigger Cam2Com to take a picture with all cameras from another application running on the same or different computer. It is possible to trigger Cam2Com running on multiple computers at the same time.