Rotating Picture

Often, you may want to rotate recently taken pictures by 90 degrees. Do so by selecting Edit|Rotate Clockwise, Edit|Rotate Counterclockwise, or buttons or on the toolbar.

Cam2Com uses lossless rotation for both JPEG and TIFF images, i.e. the quality of the picture does not suffer when the picture is rotated.

NOTE: Cam2Com supports Raw image format, but Raw images cannot be viewed on the screen or rotated.

When pictures are rotated, Cam2Com obviously has to re-create the image file. It tries to preserve as much of the EXIF information in it as possible, but some vendor-related information may be lost.

When taking multiple pictures with all connected cameras or in Time Lapse Photography, you may configure Cam2Com to rotate every picture automatically.

Other than rotating pictures, Cam2Com does not have any picture editing capabilities. Use your favorite graphical editor.