Remote Operation

C2CRemote.exe is a program that controls Cam2Com remotely, even from another computer on the local area network.

Note: Cam2Com has limited remote control capability. Use C2CAuto for much better control of the cameras in remote operation.

Remote operation:

Every time C2CRemote.exe runs, it sends Cam2Com a signal to take one picture with all connected cameras.

If Cam2Com runs on another computer, in the command line of C2CRemote.exe specify name of that computer. Or, if Cam2Com runs on multiple computers that belong to the same domain/workgroup, specify the name of the domain/workgroup, and all of them will receive the command from C2CRemote. You also may use star symbol * instead of domain/workgroup name and then the signal will be broadcast to all computers that belong to the primary domain/workgroup of the workstation running C2CRemote. In the last case multiple computers running Cam2Com simultaneously take pictures with all connected cameras.

Here are examples of command line of C2CRemote.exe:

C2CRemote.exe WORKGROUP Sends Capture command to all computers in the workgroup or domain with this name.
C2CRemote.exe * Sends Capture command to all computers in the same workgroup or domain as the one where C2CRemote is run.
C2CRemote.exe ComuterName Sends Capture command to the computer having this name.

Run C2CRemote.exe from a batch file or any other program to take pictures with Cam2com at the required moments.

DLL version C2CRem.dll

A DLL C2CRem.dll is shipped with Cam2Com. It provides the same functionality as C2CRemote.exe, but from within a DLL. Please enquire to for the C2CRem.h and C2CRem.lib files needed to use the DLL.