Options dialog, General tab

The General tab controls several general options. These options equally affect all of the cameras connected to the computer.

Monitor camera connection and disconnection events If selected, Cam2Com will automatically open camera windows for newly connected cameras and mark windows of disconnected cameras as "disconnected." This setting only takes effect after the next start of Cam2Com.

NOTE: This feature is extremely inconvenient to use with the "Wheat" cameras. If "Wheat" cameras are selected in the "Select Camera Models" dialog, Cam2Com tries to connect to the "Wheat" camera every time any camera is connected or disconnected. If an "Wheat" camera is disconnected at this time, Cam2Com freezes for 30 seconds while detecting this.

Leave pictures in the camera and use camera-generated file names If selected, Cam2Com saves pictures in the computer, but at the same time keeps them in the camera. The media card will eventually get full. In this case, file names are the same as camera assigned to the pictures.

NOTE: This setting is ignored for Time Lapse Photography.

Use only one of: LCD or Preview If selected, Cam2Com will automatically turn off LCD when preview starts, or turn preview off when LCD is turned on. For some cameras having both LCD and preview makes both LCD and preview flasing.

Set Background Color  Press this button to open color selection dialog for the background color that will be used in Cam2Com camera windows. Sometimes, for example when Cam2Com is used in dark conditions it is useful to set that color very dark, or just set it to color that is appealing to you.