Saving Pictures

Cam2Com has two ways of saving pictures: as regular files, and using FTP.

Selecting Saving Method

The saving method (File of FTP) is selected using the Saving Pictures tab of the Options dialog and stays the same for all modes of work (i.e. taking one picture at a time with one camera, simultaneous taking pictures with multiple cameras, and time lapse photography) until another method is selected.

When Taking One Picture at a Time

To save the current picture, click the “Save” button or select “File|Save” in the menu. You will be presented with the Save As dialog box (or its equivalent for FTP). Enter the file name and click OK. Cam2Com pre-selects the file name for you. You may change it as you wish and save the picture; next time the default file name will be what you have entered and an N-digit number at the end. If you do nothing, the number will be increased by one for every saved picture.

It does not matter which zoom is selected on the screen when you view the image; the full-sized picture is saved every time.

If multiple cameras are connected to the computer, either click on each camera window to make it active and then save pictures from that camera, or click button or select File|Save All to save all of them. You will still be presented with "Save as" dialogs for every picture.

You can also leave the pictures in the camera, in which case the media card in the camera will eventually become full.

When Taking Pictures with All Cameras at Once

You have the option to save all pictures automatically with generated file names or to save them one at a time by hand.

You can also leave the pictures in the cameras, in which case the media card in the cameras will eventually become full.

When Taking Time Lapse Pictures

Time Lapse pictures are always saved automatically using the current save method and the current save parameters. Cam2Com always generates the file names for Time Lapse Photography.