Setting Camera Info

Camera information  can be set one camera at a time, for the camera whose window is currently active.

To open the Camera Info dialog, select Camera|Camera Info... or click the toolbar button.

You can set camera ID and time. 

NOTE: Camera ID is used to name picture files or folders where the pictures are stored automatically (in the Time Lapse Photography or when using multiple cameras).

So, it is advisable to choose a meaningful and different ID for every camera connected to the computer. It is also advisable to choose ID for the camera without any fancy characters, so that the it can be used as a file or folder name in the Operating System of the computer. This is even more important when using FTP - do not use spaces in the camera names, as many UNIX servers do not like them.

"Camera Info" dialog:

Camera Type String by which this camera model is known to the system.

Firmware Version Firmware version of the camera. Interestingly, this version may be different from the one the camera reports in the EXIF header of the picture files it takes.

Stored Pics Number of pictures currently stored in the camera.

Remaining Pics Number pf pictures that the camera may store on the media card, with the current resolution set to the camera. Cam2Com in normal mode does not store pictures in the camera, so this number does not limit the number of pictures Cam2Com can take with this camera.

Free Memory Amount of free memory (in bytes) remaining on the media card in the camera.

Camera ID ID of the camera. Enter a unique ID for every camera used simultaneously with Cam2Com.

Camera Date Displays current Camera Date. If the date has never been set (or batteries have been removed from the camera) the date may display something like "December 31, 1969"

Camera Time Displays current Camera Time. If the date has never been set (or batteries have been removed from the camera) the time does not change in this control.

Set Current Time Check this box to set the camera date and time to the computer date and time when the OK button is pressed.