Automatic Detection of New Cameras

The information below is only applicable to the Olympus "Rye" cameras.

It may happen that your camera is not listed in the Select Camera Models dialog. Cam2Com only knows about the cameras that were around at the time of the release of the program. Still, Cam2Com may work with some cameras that were not known at the time of the release.

If you press the Advanced button in the Olympus "Rye" SDK tab of the Select Camera Models dialog, Cam2Com analyses information about the cameras stored in the computer Registry. Of course, there it can only find information about the cameras that have been connected to this computer at least once. If it finds something that looks like a camera there , it shows its name in the special Unknown Camera dialog box. If you recognize it as your camera, press the Use button. If you believe it is a mistake, press Do not use. You can also check Never remind me about this thing again and Cam2Com will never ask about it again.

"Unknown  Camera" dialog

Camera String This is how this camera (or whatever it is) is known to the system.

Camera Description Enter the description of how you want to see this camera model in the list of the supported cameras here.

Never remind me about this thing again If checked and the button Do not use is pressed, Cam2Com saves this item as "not a camera" and never offers to use it again.

Use Click to add this camera to the list of supported cameras.

Do not use Click to prevent Cam2Com from using this camera.