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This page lists various links with camera-related information.

Digital Camera Accessories You've got Cam2Com, cant take lots of pictures from that microscope, but how to attach the camera?
Various adapters for attaching cameras to the devices like microscopes, telescopes, and more.

Lens adapter for Olympus cameras. These adapters are needed to screw in additional lenses and for connecting cameras to the external equipment.

External Power Supply

For prolonged periods of work with camera using external power supply is a must.

Most power supplies from camera vendors are way overpriced and work only with a few cameras. Using a third party external power supply makes a lot of sense.

Usually cameras have voltage of the power supply written on them. The internal pin in the connector is usually + (for all known cameras, but check it! It is also often indicated on the camera near the connector). For some reason the required amperage of the power supply is never written on the camera or in the manuals. It is actually pretty high: around 2 Amps, so regular wall transformer will not work.

In our opinion one of the best is Digital Concepts CH-1010. It has selectable voltage (3v - 8.4v), can provide 2A or more for most voltages, very small (a number of them can be plugged in side by side into a regular power strip) and pretty cheap: under $15 if you Google it enough. It has plugs for pretty much any camera on the market.
Cam2Com Customer Sites Here are some examples of what people do with Cam2Com

Essex Shipbuilding Museum
Webcam - ships under construction. Also movies are made out of those pictures.

Stephane Brouard Photography
Endless depth of field panoramas of multiple merged and stitched macro photographs.
A several-year long project of taking landscape pictures from a water tower - every 60 seconds! Recently they took their one millionth image using C-740 and Cam2Com!

Cascadia Titanium Rings
Jewelry photos of titanium rings.

Digital Camera Reviews  Steve's Digicams
Comprehensive site about digital cameras and digital photography.

DP Reviews
Reviews of practically all digital cameras and more.

Digital Camera Resource Page
Well written reviews of digital cameras.

Digital Photography Links  PhotoLinks - The Photography Network
Hundreds of links to all kinds of photographic resources.