Cam2Com FAQ

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Q: Is my camera supported?
A: Cam2Com uses Olympus and Canon SDKs to control cameras. SDKs support number of cameras, but not all. Many cameras are not made to work with computers. In some models, one firmware version works with Cam2Com and another does not.

The list of supported cameras is usually accurate at the time of the publication. As time passes, new cameras are released. If you have a pretty new model, it may not be on the list. Then the only option is to try it. It is free (as long as you do it within 30 days after installation) and Cam2Com has a feature to detect new camera models. However, if it it does not work, we usually cannot help. Just make sure that you have completed all of the preparation steps before trying your camera with Cam2Com.

Q: Why does Cam2Com freeze after start?
A: This is not a freeze, it is a delay of about a minute. This has only been observed when using "Wheat" cameras on Window XP SP2.

If you actually use only "Rye" cameras, do not select the checkbox for "Wheat" cameras. Then there will be no delay.

If you do use the "Wheat" cameras, you have to wait for Cam2Com to "unfreeze", after which it usually works normally. If it still does not see the camera, try "refreshing" the connected cameras in the Tools menu.

The delay happens somewhere deep inside Olympus SDK; Cam2Com cannot do anything about it.

Q: Why does Cam2Com produces errors when working with my C-3030Z? I am using Windows XP Service Pack 2.
A: It seems on Window XP SP2 there is a problem with Olympus SDK 2.0 that is used to work with the "Wheat" cameras.

When initially trying to connect to the camera it often freezes for about 30 seconds, and after that once in a while it produces errors when communicating with the camera. It seems on faster computers the errors happens more often.

If you repeat the action that produced the error, it may succeed. For example, if after the initial freeze Cam2Com shows "Disconnected", you may try refreshing the connected cameras and everything will be OK (for a while).

Cam2Com tries to repeat some failed commands when it can, but it cannot repeat every action, and it does not always help.

In general, it is better to use Windows 2000 when working with the "Wheat" cameras, then Cam2Com works very reliably.

Q: Why Cam2Com does not control focus on my C-500 / D-595?

It is limitation of this C-500 / D-595. This camera does not have a manual focus function set from the software. Selecting manual focus in Cam2Com does disable the auto focus but because the focus slider doesn't respond, images are off focus.

Just do not use the feature with these cameras.

Q: I disconnected the camera from computer and it is no longer responsive to controls. What to do?
A: Do not disconnect the camera from the computer while the camera LCD is ON. If you do it, you may not be able to operate the camera until you remove the batteries. Or, connect the camera back to the computer, use Cam2com to turn the LCD OFF, and disconnect again.

Even better solution is to close Cam2Com and only then disconnect the camera.

Q: How to switch camera to Super Macro using Cam2Com?
A: Cam2Com cannot switch cameras to Super Macro mode. There is simply no such SDK function. However, if the camera is already in the Super Macro mode, it stays in that mode after connecting to the computer. You can then take Super Macro pictures using Cam2Com.

Just do not switch the focusing mode to manual while in Cam2Com because the camera goes out of Super Macro mode and there is no way to switch it back short of disconnecting from the computer.