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Please read License Agreement before downloading.

The program you download works with 100% functionality for one month after installation. After that all file saving features will be disabled. You have to obtain and enter a Registration Code to keep Cam2Com working for you indefinitely.

Download Cam2Com 4.1 - 2.31 MB.

Unzip the file after downloading and run Cam2ComM.msi to install. After installation Cam2Com is found in the Start Button | All Programs | Sabsik | Cam2Com. The help file is also there.


C2CAuto is a small camera control program that is optimized for unattended and remote operation. It is much simpler than Cam2Com, but it has more remote control capabilities. All camera settings, file locations, etc. can be controlled remotely, even over local area network. C2CAuto also has motion detection feature.

Download C2CAuto - 2.36 MB.

There is no installation of C2CAuto - just unzip it into some directory on the target computer and run C2CAuto.exe. To be able to save pictures you will have to enter license string, there is no 30 days grace period. Price of C2CAuto is $104.00 per computer, and it includes all possible options. Please use PayPal to pay or send email to for other payment options.