Cam2Com - Digital Camera Control Software

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Cam2Com Screenshots

One Camera. Multiple Cameras.
Camera menu and three cameras

Click "All cameras take pictures" to take simultaneous pictures.

Preview window for Olympus cameras - it  is updated approximately once per second.
Preview window for Canon cameras - it looks like a real TV screen. Three cameras, Preview window, and Capture Properties dialog.
Camera Info dialog - view and set camera Id and time and view the number of pictures on the media, the remaining number of pictures, and the remaining memory. Camera models selection dialog, Olympus "Rye" tab.

Select all models you plan to use and control them at the same time.


Zoom adjustment dialog

Here is is used with preview On.


Focus adjustment dialog - Olympus cameras only.

It can also be used with preview On.

Selecting best focusing image for manual focus adjustment. Time Lapse Photography - equal intervals, pictures are saved in files on local computer.
Time Lapse Photography - custom intervals, pictures saved in files. Time lapse photography, equal intervals. Pictures are saved on FTP server.
Downloading all pictures. Time lapse photography - FTP server not available.

Cam2Com continues taking pictures in the hope that connection will be restored. 


General options. Image Processing options.
Picture Saving options. File Saving options.
FTP options. Bracketing options.