Sending to FTP Server

Cam2Com can use FTP to send pictures to a remote server. This is useful when using Cam2Com  with a web cam.

Configure settings for the automatic saving of pictures in the FTP Options tab of the Options dialog.

NOTE 1: On windows XP Service Pack 2, the Windows Firewall, which is ON by default, prevents outgoing FTP connections. Reconfigure the firewall to be able to use FTP.
NOTE 2: Implementation of FTP in Cam2Com is somewhat limited. It does not work through proxy servers and has not been tested with dialup connections. It worked well with regular cable Internet connections and on local area networks. 
NOTE 3: Regular implementation of FTP, including the one that Cam2Com uses, sends all information, including FTP passwords, over the Internet in clear. Use at your own risk. At least make that password different from your other other passwords and restrict that user account on the FTP server as much as possible.