Options dialog, FTP Options tab

The FTP Options tab specifies parameters for saving pictures using FTP. These options affect all cameras connected to the computer equally.

NOTE 1: Currently, Cam2Com will always overwrite files with the same names on the FTP server.

NOTE 2: It usually necessary to disable or configure personal firewall on the computer to allow Cam2Com use FTP protocol..


The area under Server Info is used to specify information about the FTP server and where on the server pictures will be saved.

Host Name/IP Address   Enter the name of the server in regular Internet form, like upload.comcast.net, or just the server's IP address if you know it, like

Do not enter the ftp protocol name.

Root Folder   Enter the folder in which you want all your pictures to be saved. If this folder does not exist, it will be created. You can also enter a multi-level folder, like mypics/friday/from_home, and the whole tree will be created.  The Root Folder is the folder relative to where you normally logon on the FTP server. For most FTP systems you cannot go up the directory tree from where you logon, so it is relative to the path "/". If you selected to save pictures from every camera into a folder with that camera name, these folders would be created in the Root Folder.

File Name   This field is only available when saving one file at a time (for time lapse photography the file names are created automatically).

Enter the file name you want to save the picture in. You can also enter the path to the file relative to the Root Folder.

However, unlike the Root Folder, these folders must exist and will not be created.

The area under User Info is used to specify information about the FTP user account.

User Name   Enter your FTP user name.

Password   Enter your password.

Save Password on this computer   If you wish to save your password (encrypted with Data Protection API) on your computer, check this checkbox.