Options dialog, File Options tab

The File Options tab specifies the parameters for saving pictures in the file system. These options affect all cameras connected to the computer equally.

Root Folder   Folder where all pictures will automatically be saved for Time Lapse Photography or when saving pictures simultaneously taken with all cameras (Multi-Camera mode).  Depending on the selected method, pictures are saved either directly into the root folder or into subfolders named after camera IDs to distinguish between pictures from different cameras.

Do not overwrite files (just skip pictures)  This setting prevents Cam2Com from overwriting pictures taken in automatic modes (i.e. in Multi-Camera and Time Lapse modes). In Multi-Camera mode, Cam2Com displays an error message, after which the user can save the pictures manually, possibly selecting a different file name. In Time Lapse mode, Cam2Com will simply skip and lose the pictures it cannot overwrite.

The area under Processing of pictures is used to specify post-processing of the pictures taken in the Multi-Camera and Time Lapse modes.

Enter application name and full command line here, using %s as a placeholder for the picture file name:   Cam2Com can pass every picture it takes in automatic mode (i.e. in Multi-Camera and Time Lapse modes) to some application for further processing. Enter the full command line, as if starting the application in DOS prompt, here. In the place where the picture file name must be, enter %s. If the picture file name must be at the very end of the command line, you can enter nothing and Cam2Com will automatically append the name of the picture file to the end.

If this command line is empty, Cam2Com does not pass pictures on for extra processing.

Wait for processing to finish before taking more pictures   If selected, Cam2Com waits for the processing of one picture to be completed before saving another picture and passing it to the processing program. Because pictures are saved asynchronously, in Time Lapse mode Cam2Com does not stop taking pictures while waiting for the external processing. However, if the rate of picture-taking is higher than the rate of processing, the internal queue may become full and then Cam2Com will start skipping some pictures. The size of the queue is 20 pictures.