Downloading All Pictures

Cam2Com provides a very easy way of downloading all pictures from the camera to the computer.

Picture downloading using Cam2Com only supported for Olympus cameras, because the camera drive is not accessible in Windows when camera is in PC mode. Canon cameras do not have PC mode and picture downloading can be done in normal way even when the camera is being controlled by Cam2Com.

Out of box, "Rye" cameras provide an easy way of downloading pictures - when connected, they are represented as a an external drive on the computer.

However, when a camera is switched into PC mode (which is required for most cameras to work with Cam2Com), this drive is not accessible, and pictures cannot be downloaded in the normal way. "Wheat" cameras do not allow such simple download at all, so some programs such as Camedia Master must be used. Usually, those programs are pretty awkward to use.

Here Cam2Com comes to the rescue. It also allows automatically erasing successfully downloaded pictures from the camera. While this is a convenient feature, common sense advises first to look at all of the downloaded pictures, possibly back them up, and only then that delete them from the camera.

If multiple cameras are connected to the computer, pictures can only be downloaded from one camera at a time.

To download all pictures from a camera:

NOTE: Pictures may be downloaded in this fashion only to the local or network drive. FTP cannot be used in this mode.

"Download All Pictures" dialog

Folder where all pictures will be saved Enter here full path to the folder where you wish to save all pictures. If necessary, this folder will be created. It can be a folder on either the local computer or a network drive. FTP cannot be used here. You also may press the button to the right and navigate to the desired folder.

Delete downloaded pictures from camera If selected, each picture is deleted from the camera immediately after it is downloaded.

Progress bar Indicates the picture being downloaded and the overall progress

OK Click to start the downloading.

Cancel Click to interrupt or cancel the downloading. Pictures that have already been downloaded are kept in the computer, and pictures deleted from the camera are not restored.