Controlling LCD

Switching LCD on and off

Only Olympus cameras support this feature.

LCD can be controlled on one camera at a time, for the camera whose window is currently active.

To turn on the LCD select Camera|LCD On. To turn off the LCD select Camera|LCD Off.

You also may turn the LCD on and off using the popup menu when right-clicking within the camera window.

Tip: The current LCD status of the camera is displayed at the bottom of the camera window on the status bar.

NOTE: Because there is no way to get the current LCD status from the camera, it is Off by default unless it has previously been set On in Cam2Com. This can affect you only if you connect the camera to a PC with the LCD already On and start Cam2Com after that. In this case, switch the LCD Off or On using Cam2Com and the state will be synchronized.
NOTE: Make sure that the LCD is OFF when you disconnect the camera cable from the computer. If you fail to do so, you may not be able to turn the camera off. In this case either briefly remove batteries from the camera, or turn the camera back on, connect it to the computer, turn LCD off using Cam2Com, and then disconnect the camera again.


Changing LCD Brightness

Not all cameras support this feature.

To change LCD brightness select Camera|Advanced Settings... or click the toolbar button. Then select tab LCD Brightness.

In the tab, and use the slider to achieve the desired brightness of the LCD. You have to release the slider button for the changes to take effect on the LCD of the camera.

"LCD Brightness" tab of Advanced Settings dialog:

Slider Use the slider to set LCD brightness for your camera. The window to the right of the slider displays the actual current value.