Installation of Cam2Com is based on Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI). The installer itself is not included in the distribution package; it must already be present on the target operating system (Windows 2000, XP, Vista and up).

To install Cam2Com:

First of all make sure you can connect your camera to USB port and download some pictures. You may need to install camera driver for that.

Log on as Administrator or a member of the Administrators group.

Double-click on the Cam2ComM.msi file and follow the instructions.

Cam2Com can be found in the Start Menu in the Programs|Sabsik item.

Do you need to install a driver?

The table below summarizes which cameras need Olympus driver for different operating systems.

Camera OS
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista
Olympus "Rye" cameras Not needed Not needed Not needed
Olympus "Wheat" cameras Driver from the CD that comes with the camera Driver from the CD that comes with the camera Not supported
Canon CD cameras Driver from the CD that comes with the camera Not needed Not supported

If you need to install the driver, connect the camera to a USB port and wait for "New Hardware wizard" to start. Then follow the instructions. When prompted to find the driver, select "have disk," navigate to the "Drivers" folder of the Camedia installation disk, and open it. Select the folder for  your operating system and continue with Wizard.

To uninstall Cam2Com:

Follow the standard Windows procedure in Add/Remove Software in the Control Panel.

Changes Cam2Com makes to the computer system:

Other than that, properly installed Cam2Com does not modify anything on the computer. Olympus "Wheat" ActiveX control adds a few more Registry entries by itself.

Interactions with other software using Olympus SDK


Cam2Com registers Wheat.ocx - Olympus ActiveX control for use with the "Wheat" SDK cameras. When Cam2Com is uninstalled, it unregisters this ActiveX and deletes it from the computer.

If some other software also uses this ActiveX, it also registers it during installation and unregisters during uninstallation. Despite the fact that these Wheat.ocx files are most likely located in different places in the file system of the computer, they are registered in the same place in the computer Registry as COM components. So, after the uninstallation of any such program, most likely the Wheat.ocx of other programs will be around but no longer registered and will stop working. To make it work again, either reinstall the software that you still want to keep (as a part of the installation it will re-register Wheat.ocx) or find it on your computer and register manually, using the following steps:

Olympus "Rye" and Canon CD SDKs installed by the other software are not affected by installation or uninstallation of Cam2Com.


OlymRye.sys is a pass-through driver from Olympus. This driver allows regular, i.e. non administrator users to use Cam2Com with Olympus "Rye" SDK (SDK 3.4) cameras. If the driver is not installed, you have to log on as and administrator to be able to control those cameras.

This driver is registered as a service, and thus shared between applications. If two applications register the driver, the last one wins, and the driver runs from the location specified by the last application. But if any of the applications unregisters the driver, the driver gets unregistered, and the other application is affected. Because there is no coordination between applications on the way how the driver is installed, it can get wrongly unregistered when uninstalling an application. In another application will stop working unless administrator account is used, reinstalling that application most likely should help.

Cam2Com has a special utility, OlumRyeConfig.exe, that can register and unregister OlymRye.sys driver. So, if after uninstalling other software that worked with Olympus "Rye" cameras Cam2Com stops working with the "Rye" cameras, try the following: