Cam2Com - Digital Camera Control Software

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Main Features

  • Remote control of Olympus and Canon digital cameras from a computer and take pictures directly onto the hard drive or send them to an FTP server.
  • Control most camera parameters, including but not limited to resolution, shutter speed and aperture, exposure bias, white balance, zoom and focus, flash, ISO, metering modes, JPEG, TIFF, and raw images.
  • Control of multiple cameras, taking pictures with all cameras simultaneously.
  • Automatic bracketing of exposure settings.
  • Time lapse pictures with equal or custom intervals. Time lapse photography can start automatically after start of Cam2Com.
  • Special features for webcam applications.
  • Automatic rotation of pictures taken in multi-camera and time lapse modes. Lossless algorithm is used to rotate JPEG pictures.
  • Simple download of pictures from the camera to the hard drive with optional deletion of pictures from the camera. All the necessary folders can be created automatically.
  • After taking a series of pictures of one object, easy comparison of them to select the best one for saving.
  • Set camera name (id) and date and time.
  • Remote control - from another application or over the network.

Cam2Com is designed to be very user friendly and easy to use.

At a Glance

Supported Cameras | Supported OS | Screenshots

Cam2Com 4.1 supports Vista!

Application Areas

  • Photo studios
  • Webcams
  • Jewelers, Numismatists
  • Digitizing of slides
  • Picturing of archives, collections, etc.
  • Amateur astronomy
  • Science projects
  • Series of pictures of nature - opening flowers, moving clouds...
  • Ebay power sellers
  • Supervision of areas, like construction sites

Cam2Com was displayed in the Olympus SDK booth on in March 2004 and was also included on a CD accompanying the Ukrainian computer magazine in January 2005.

In January 2007 karhukamera took their 1000000th  picture with Cam2Com!

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