Sabsik - home of Cam2Com

Cam2Com is a software program that controls Canon and Olympus digital cameras while they are connected to the computer via USB cable.

Using Cam2Com it is possible to control camera parameters like exposure settings, focus, zoom, flash and almost everything else. Pictures taken with Cam2Com are immediately downloaded to the computer or may be sent to other computers via FTP.

Cam2Com also can be used as a time lapse photography tool and a webcam application.

Cam2Com can control multiple cameras at the same time.

Application ideas for Cam2Com:

  • Photo studios, artists
  • Picturing of archives, collections, documents, etc.
  • Webcams
  • Jewelers, Numismatists
  • 3d photography
  • Digitizing of Slides
  • Amateur Astronomy
  • Science projects - working with microscopes, telescopes, etc.
  • Series of pictures of nature - opening flowers, moving clouds...
  • Ebay power sellers
  • Supervision of areas, like construction sites

Cam2Com 4.0 just has been released.

Support for Canon cameras has been added!

It also contains numerous new features included by request of its users.